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soca admission 2021/2022

Admissions! Admissions!! Admissions!!!

Admissions are on for young boys and girls into Segun Odegbami international college and sports academy, Africa’s Prime destination for students who wish to combine their academics with top-notch sports training.

Why would a young boy or girl desire to be enrolled at SOCA?

1. It allows them to acquire qualitative academics while also playing the sports they love so much.

2. It provides a good platform for them to develop their God-given talents.

3. It is an environment that is serene and conducive to learning.

5. You can grow to become the best version of yourself.

6. The support students get from faculty staff ensures that they feel loved and appreciated.

7. Students are allowed to grow at their own pace without been judged or discouraged.

8. Opportunity to meet with Eminent personalities in society regularly for inspiration and guidance.

9. An opportunity to live their dreams.

10. Acquisition of essential 21st Century Life Skills

Call the school Administrators on 08034901541 for more inquiries.

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How to use your holidayYou can’t wait for the exams to be over and like everything that have and end, it came and passed.

Finally, it’s another holiday time. You are happy to take a breather from the academic rigor these past few months.

Now, you are left with a lot of free time on your hands.

So what would you do with all that time?

Here are a few things you could do to engage yourself productively

Watch Khan Academy resources (videos)

Khan Academy provides world class education at no cost to you. you can learn math, science and humanities by watching Khan Academy online videos.

Boost Your Reading Speed

The quicker you read, the quicker you learn.That means the more knowledge grounds you can cover and the more capacity you can build in terms of skills and brain power.

Here are eight speed reading apps you can choose from to begin your practice

Spreeder (IOS and website)
Reedy (Android)
Read Me! (IOS and Android)
Speed Reading (Android)
Speed Reader (android)
Quick Reader (Ios)
Focus-Speed Reading (ios)
OutRead App (Ios)

Meet with grown-ups to discuss career choice

It’s never too early to begin pondering your future career.

Connect with your family members, family companions, instructors, and safe and qualified grown-ups that can offer to give you useful information that will help you in your future endeavors.

Make a website

One skill that can serve you is to learn how to make a website. when the time comes to interview for a desirable position. Prospective employers could
look up yur portfolio site and be impressed that you are a candidate with a mixed of skills that a company would find valuable.

Your odds will be significantly higher if your site looks professional. You can start with WordPress. WordPress is one of the content management softwares used to make website. a lot of top websites on the web run on wordpress.

Raise Your Typing Speed

The PC will continue to play an important part f our lives – including how we work and play. One of the skills that will help you pesonallly and professionally is your ability to type fast.

Investigate these three sites to speed up your typing skills:


It is good you deploy your free time to other endeavors that will help you become a well rounded person.


Sport School Advantages for Student Athletes

Sport school advantages of student athletes

This is the third part of the topic above. You will learn the last set of advantages that a student athlete attracts while on campus and after their time at school.

Student athletes are bound to complete school and more unlikely drop out than non-athlete student. Athletes additionally enjoy the benefit of enlisting for classes before non-athlete student and regularly have compulsory study hours and coaching sessions to assist with boosting their GPA, something not readily open to non-athlete student.

Going into school can be a nerve-wracking time for the individuals who finds socializing easy. Being a student athlete nearly drives you to be social all along and assists with setting up long lasting comradeship and connections.

Here are two more benefits for going into college as a student athlete


As indicated by research done by the ebb and flow U.S Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, school athletes will in general have higher GPAs than the normal student. The NCAA is making sure that those who qualify as student athlete go through a tedious selection process. Being a student athlete takes more than going through the classroom and the school campus. Having a higher GPA implies going on to better schools, it also means having better professional choices, and a better social network.


Having the chance to be a student athlete permits one to work with a students from elite backgrounds, people other students don’t get the opportunity of knowing. The social ties you habe with these people will be useful for the near future.

Being a student athlete requires a great deal of socialization, relational abilities, and team coherence; all the qualities that makes for a good resume. Managers and CEOs also prefer to hire a student athlete for the aforementioned qualities.

In an overview of 100 CEOs, 94% had played games and 100% said they would employ an student athlete over a non-student athlete.


Sport School Advantages for student Athletes

Sport school advantages for student athletes

This is the second part of the topic. The article will highlight some of the advantages of becoming a student athlete as opposed to a non-athlete in school.

Studies have shown that being a student athlete in school has numerous positive advantages than just the unique athletic conveniences. The chance to play a game while additionally being a student shapes the man or lady athlete into somebody who is instructed, sound, and a general cooperative person, as indicated by Web Star Recruits.

Being a school athlete additionally sets one up for this present reality and life after school. Here are two more advantages for student athletes that you should know.


This goes alongside the extra difficult activities that student athletes have to juggle; dealing with a work out and practice timetable and managing that with important classes, coaching, and some other social part of their life isn’t for weak willed.

It takes responsibility and the capacity to perceive what is generally significant. Learning discipline prepares athletes for the eventual fate of a professional career and day to day life, particularly with regards to using time productively.

Athletes will have an advantage in life when they have plans to go to their little girl’s presentation, make a gathering brief, perhaps take the spouse out on the town, and by one way or another save an associate’s work project to not lose a customer: they have been doing it for quite a long time.

Financial Security

Athletes have an incredible chance to pay for a huge chunk of their school expenses through grants, something not available to every person. With American student debt coming to nearly $1 trillion dollars, getting cash to do what you care about and go to class is certainly a big benefit.

Between getting food and lodging paid for and the wide range of various conveniences that accompany being an athlete, similar to free medical treatment sometimes, contingent upon the current game, an athlete can save upwards to $120,000. That is a heavy wad of cash that can do a lot of good in the world.

In the third part of this series, we will see what other benefits the student athlete enjoys that will set them above their counterparts.


Sport School Advantages For Student Athletes

sport school for student athlete

Sport school admissions are a growing trend for young people keen to take part in sporting events or to improve their skills.

It is a chance for kids to improve their physical fitness, build up their self-confidence and have fun at the same time.

The advantages of joining a sport school are many and varied, and I shall be looking at these on an individual basis over the coming weeks and months to come.

My main focus here however is on the educational opportunities that such participation offers.

As I’ve said, sport school classes are structured around a particular activity,

and as a result they provide a unique opportunity to engage with people who will be able to advise you on your potential, both quantitative and qualitative.

The first advantage of going to sport schools is the chance to improve your academic potential.

This is through your participation in the classes, as it is a requirement that all good sport schools
carry out a credit study section, where you can submit a responsible testimony about your own sporting prowess.

The number of marks you receive are an indication of how well you have learned and absorbed the subject matter;

If you’re particularly bright you’ll probably earn a good mark.

The second major advantage is that you will gain valuable experience from working with some of the most famous students in the country.

Research shows that student athletes do better academically than non-athletes because as a student you have a mandatory study hours as well as tutor sessions.

Watch out for the next article as we will highlight more advantages that accrues to student athletes.


wole soyinka visits soca

Wole Soyinka was born on 13 July 1934 at Abeokuta, near Ibadan in western Nigeria. After preparatory university studies in 1954 at Government College in Ibadan, he continued at the University of Leeds, where, later, in 1973, he took his doctorate. During the six years spent in England, he was a dramaturgist at the Royal Court Theatre in London 1958-1959. In 1960, he was awarded a Rockefeller bursary and returned to Nigeria to study African drama. At the same time, he taught drama and literature at various universities in Ibadan, Lagos, and Ife, where, since 1975, he has been professor of comparative literature. In 1960, he founded the theatre group, “The 1960 Masks” and in 1964, the “Orisun Theatre Company”, in which he has produced his own plays and taken part as actor. He has periodically been visiting professor at the universities of Cambridge, Sheffield, and Yale.

During the civil war in Nigeria, Soyinka appealed in an article for cease-fire. For this he was arrested in 1967, accused of conspiring with the Biafra rebels, and was held as a political prisoner for 22 months until 1969. Soyinka has published about 20 works: drama, novels and poetry. He writes in English and his literary language is marked by great scope and richness of words.

As dramatist, Soyinka has been influenced by, among others, the Irish writer, J.M. Synge, but links up with the traditional popular African theatre with its combination of dance, music, and action. He bases his writing on the mythology of his own tribe-the Yoruba-with Ogun, the god of iron and war, at the centre. He wrote his first plays during his time in London, The Swamp Dwellers and The Lion and the Jewel (a light comedy), which were performed at Ibadan in 1958 and 1959 and were published in 1963. Later, satirical comedies are The Trial of Brother Jero (performed in 1960, publ. 1963) with its sequel, Jero’s Metamorphosis (performed 1974, publ. 1973), A Dance of the Forests (performed 1960, publ.1963), Kongi’s Harvest (performed 1965, publ. 1967) and Madmen and Specialists (performed 1970, publ. 1971). Among Soyinka’s serious philosophic plays are (apart from “The Swamp Dwellers“) The Strong Breed (performed 1966, publ. 1963), The Road ( 1965) and Death and the King’s Horseman (performed 1976, publ. 1975). In The Bacchae of Euripides (1973), he has rewritten the Bacchae for the African stage and in Opera Wonyosi (performed 1977, publ. 1981), bases himself on John Gay’s Beggar’s Opera and Brecht’s The Threepenny Opera. Soyinka’s latest dramatic works are A Play of Giants (1984) and Requiem for a Futurologist (1985).

The Distinguished writer paid a courtesy visit to Segun Odegbami International College and Sports Academy at Wasimi, Orile, Ogun State, Nigeria.

A Novelty match was held to honor the Professor.

He encouraged the students to focus on their vision and let nothing distract them as the future holds a lot of promise for them.


farewell lee edward evans

Lee Edward Evans was born on February 25, 1947, in Madera, California to Dayton and Pearlie Mae Evans. At the age of four, his family moved to Fresno. During his childhood, he harvested grapes and picked cotton in fields with his brothers and sisters.

He attended Madison Elementary School and in his last year there trained for his first race by racing his friends at school. Evans went on to Central Union High School where he was classified in the C class for the 660 yard dash due to his height, weight, and age.

Due to his mother contracting Valley fever, the Evans family moved to San Jose, California, during Lee’s sophomore year. While running for Overfelt High School, Evans was undefeated, improving his 440-yard time from 48.2 in 1964 to 46.9 in 1965.

Evans was a Fulbright scholar in sociology[6] and attended San Jose State, where he was coached by Hall of Famer Bud Winter.

In 1966 as a freshman, he won his first AAU championship in 440 yd (402.34 m). He won the AAU title four years in a row (1966–1969) and again in 1972 and added the NCAA 400 m title in 1968.

His only defeat during that streak came at the hands of San Jose State teammate Tommie Smith.
The two were so competitive, Winter could not let them practice together.

Evans achieved his first world record in 1966, as a member of the USA national team which broke the 4 × 400 m relay record at Los Angeles, the first team to better 3 minutes (2:59.6) in the event. The next year he helped break the 4 x 220 yd (201.17 m) relay world record at Fresno in a time of 1:22.1.

In 1967, Evans won the 400 metres at the Pan American Games, in an automatic time of 44.95, which (in the era of hand times) was the first bona fide automatic time to break 45 seconds.



Director of Coaching for KIMA INC a sport consulting firm that has a contract to develop sports in the small villages and towns in Cross River State in Eastern Nigeria. We are also involved in helping to educate young Nigerian athletes so that they will be able to get scholarships to universities in America.
Train local coaches in the new techniques of athletics coaching.
Identify promising athletes to be trained to one day represent Nigeria in the Olympic Games and other World Championships.

Conakry, Guinea
Director of Sports
I was for the coordination of the various sporting teams that will participate in the Mano River Youth Peace Games/Symposium.
Responsible for the venues and the equipment needed for the success of the games.
Train the officials and volunteers for the various sports.
I was responsible for the transportation for the athletes and officials to all the venues in Conakry during the games.
Assist the Project Coordinator in all matters concerning the successful implementation of the games.

Mobile, Alabama
Head Track and Cross Country Coach Men and Women
Responsible for administering all aspect
Of the program under my charge, including coaching,
Recruiting, recommending financial aid, making travel
Arrangements, working with the Director of Athletics
Regarding budgets, requisitioning equipment, supervising
Assistants, aware of academic progress of student athletes,
And filling other related duties that might arise.

Seattle, Washington
Assistant Track and Field Coach Men and Women
Responsible for sprints and relay teams
Develop and supervise workouts; administer recruiting
Activities; manage budget; organize travel and competitions.
Coached 8 qualifying athletes for NCAA Championships,
I also coached one athlete who qualified for the American Team for the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia.

1997-1999 Madagascar Antananarivo
National Coach Responsible for selecting, training, and managing men’s and
Women’s teams for national and international competition;
Developed training programs, policies, budgets, and staff
Hosted international competitions and coached National
team athletes to place first at 1997 Indian Ocean Games.

1994-1997 Saudi Arabia Athletic Federation Jeddah
National Coach Managed national training camp and $1,125,000 budget;
Responsible for selecting, training, and managed men’s
Athletic team; developed programs and athletic policies.
I coached national team to first place at 1995 Gulf Championships and 4x400M relay team to semifinals in 1996 Olympics. I also managed national training camps.

1990-1994 Qatar Doha
National Coach Selected, trained, and managed men’s athletic team; developed training programs and managed $1,200,000 budget;
Coached first athlete to represent Qatar in Olympics, 1500M
Bronze medallist, and seventh place 400M sprinter in 1992
Olympics; developed 1993 Gulf Championship winners.
1988-1990 Special Olympics International, Washington, D.C.
Athletic Organized and implemented training programs for athletes
Director and coaches worldwide; responsible for a international
Competition for 90 countries and 10,000 athletes.

1986-1988 Cameroon Yaounde
National Coach Responsible for selecting, training, and managing men’s and
Women’s teams for national and international competition;
I developed training programs and athletic policies.
Coached three athletes who qualified for the World
Championships the 1986 and 1988 Olympic Games.


1986-1988 Fulbright Professor of Physical Education at the University
of Yaounde, Cameroon.

1982-1984 Program Coordinator, Sports America, U.S. State
department, Washington D.C.

1975-1981 National Athletics Coach, of Nigeria.
Professor of Physical Education, University of Ife-Ife and
University of Ibadan, Nigeria.
I coached 15 qualifying Olympians.

Fulbright Professor, Council for International Scholar Exchange, xxxx
1968 Olympic Gold Medal winner, 400M and 4x400M relay
World Record holder, 400M, xxxx-xxxx
World Record holder, 600M, xxxx-xxxx
World Record holder, 4x400M relay, xxxx-xxxx
Member, USA Olympic Hall of Fame
Member, USA Track and Field Hall of Fame
Member, San Francisco Hall of Fame
Member, San Jose Hall of Fame
Member, San Jose State University Hall of Fame
Winner of NCAA Silver Anniversary Award, xxxx
Coach of the Year, Nigeria, 1979
Sprint Coach, All-African Team, World Cup, 1979
Selected to 100 Golden Olympians, 1996
Member, 1968 U.S. Olympic Team
Member, 1972 U.S. Olympic Team
Coach of the year 2005 Sunbelt Conference
Coach of the year 2006 Sunbelt Conference
Coach of the year 2007 Sunbelt Conference

San Jose State University and University of Ife-Ife, Nigeria, completed academic
Work for Master of Arts, Education, xxxx
San Jose State University, Bachelor of Arts, Education, xxxx

· 1968: Young Black Men and the Struggle for Civil Rights
· Race and the Olympics: An Insider’s Story
· Travels in Africa and the Middle East (1976-1999): A Black Olympian’s Odyssey
· The “New” African Athletes: How did it happen?
· Coaching in Africa and the Middle East 1976-1999
· An African American in Africa and the Middle East: Reflections on Cultural
Differences and Similarities
· Home Again: A Black Olympian’s Perspectives on America after 20 Years inAfrica
· The Black Athlete: Role Model or Icon
· The Superior Black Athlete: Fact or Fiction?


When he and his African/American friend, John Cashing, accompanied ‘the Mathematical’ to the Segun Odegbami International College and Sports Academy, SOCA, in Wasimi Orile some years ago for the first time, they saw the environment and their faces lit up.

They loved it. To Lee, this was the home he had been looking for, the ‘lost’ paradise, the Garden of Eden now found. They saw beyond what I could ever have seen.

When I offered that Lee could spend his idling time to come and teach the children how to run, he excitedly and readily accepted.

That’s how he moved with ‘the Mathematical’ to Abeokuta and adopted SOCA as his personal project, to train and run with SOCA students to sports success!

Within weeks, we were conjoined in living the dream of the biggest and best high-level sports training center in Africa.

Lee started to dig up all his old friends in positions of authority in international sports, asking for support for the academy as well as scholarships for the students into American Colleges.

John Cashin embarked on researching how the scattered bamboo plantations in the environment could become useful raw material for a Bamboo Village in Wasimi Orile where returnee African/Americans could live whilst investing in the vast agricultural opportunities that lie wasting in the environment.

Thats how Lee Evans finally settled down in Abeokuta preparing for our full settlement on the campus of SOCA in 2022.

Lee’s plans was to start an athletics revolution that would take young girls and boys from grass to grace, to mounting Olympic podiums after 3 years of the unique SOCA-experience.
He was going to enjoy the rest of his life in that community, to die and to be buried beside his ancestors.

Lee Edwards Evans farewell. Your legacy will live on.




Ike Shorunmu was born in Lagos. After a few years in Nigeria, he moved to play in Switzerland and made his mark there. He was bought by the Turkish club Beşiktaş J.K. in 1999 for $2,400,000 — but they released him as they thought he spent too much time with the national team.

Come Saturday 1st May 2021, SOCA will play host to Ex-Super Eagles, Ex FC Zurich, Ex Besiktas FC, Turkey, and Ex Shooting Stars, Ibadan goalkeeper Ike Shorunmu( ike Anobi). Ike Anobi will be spending the day with our students at the academy, sharing his experience, interacting and educating our young fledgling footballers on what it takes to become a top professional, and much more.


Today Tuesday 23rd March 2021, at Novena University🏫, Two of SOCA’s finest products will be taking to the field in a battle ⚽⚽of supremacy.

Gerald and Martins Odiaka will be leading their departments, Mass Communication and Computer Science, in a winner takes all 💵🏆clash at the university sports complex.

Rooting for them in the stands will be the Oligarch of the Odiaka dynasty himself, Architect Martins Odiaka 👨‍👧, as he has promised to be there to cheer 📣them on. We will give an update as the match ⚽progresses.

battle of odiakas

The matches ⚽⚽ are coming in thick and fast for our SOCA warriors🗡️🛡️.
Today, Saturday 06th March 2021, our teams will be taking to the field.
First in line will be the blockbuster ✔️ clash between SOCA U-16 👦🏼👦🏼 and Baptist Boys U-16 👦🏽👦🏽High School.
This promises to be a mouth watering battle as this will be the first time in over 10 years 🔟 since both teams were engaged in a war of supremacy during the Lisabi 🏆Championship.
Next up will be the clash between SOCA U-13 ⚽⚽ versus Ajax U-13 Sporting Club of Abeokuta.
Our young warriors 🗡️🛡️ will step out in style to show their football artistry 🥅 once again.
This weekend is definitely a bumper one here at SOCA
soca vs baptist boys and Ajax sporting